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My name is Dianna. 

As an active partner in the transgendered community since 1978, I have served as a counselor, teacher, activist and author. I am also a "sister," having transitioned full-time in early 1985. I do understand your concerns, fears and needs, on a personal level.

I have served on the Board of Directors of many GLBTIQ-community 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, including the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, Equality Colorado, Speaker's Project to End Discrimination (Charter Director), Outreach Institute for Gender Studies, and many others.

As a frequent speaker and seminar/workshop leader on issues of sex and gender, I have presented to a wide variety of audiences in universities, colleges, corporations and government entities. In addition, I am a regular presenter at several annual TG conferences. I have been a guest on many radio and television programs both promoting the transgendered community and working for TG civil rights. 

In addition, I have helped hundreds of employers and transgendered people with the successful transition of gender roles in the workplace.

I was also selected to be a podium speaker to an audience estimated at 55,000 people at the 1997 Denver PrideFest. In 1998, I was honored with an Equality Colorado Pride Award. 

Most of all, though, I have found the secret to keeping family together, to keeping your job/career, and your social structures intact throughout a gender-role transition. It is not simple, but it is VERY possible.

When you buy Evanesce from us, you are not "lining" some unknown person's pocket -- you are supporting the Transgendered Community.

Throughout the years that Evanesce, Feminol, and AndroEase/CalmCompanion, etc., have been available to the TG community, proceeds from these sales have gone back into supporting the community in the form of donations to the major TG organizations, as well as to outreach and education efforts on behalf of sex, gender and Transgender/Transsexual issues.

We refuse to do negative advertising regarding our competitors, either here in this web site or in personal responses. We will, however, tell you if a general class of products works well, or not, and why ... 

I do not play games or indulge in fantasy surrounding feminization of born-males. Feminization is a serious decision with medical consequences, some of which are permanent and irreversible. You need to know this and I will not hide the fact in order to make a sale.

There are also huge potential family and career consequences in many cases and you need to know this as well. Much of my work in the TG community since 1978 has been helping people recover from serious family and career mistakes that are often caused by others who are or have been too willing to encourage someone's fantasies about the transition.

When you purchase products from us, you are getting the best possible products at the best price possible. I understand that many people in our community do not have unlimited funds and have worked hard to keep these products as affordable as possible.

Our products are formulated from Standardized Extracts and concentrated extracts of herbs, to provide you with maximum benefits for minimum dollars spent. There is no comparison to store-bought herbs.

The company formulating these products for our community is an International herbal company -- you can be assured of state-of-the-art processing of the herbal ingredients.

The quality controls and checks are the most stringent available, and meet all current FDA requirements and regulations, including onsite FDA inspections.

We are cGMP compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices)

Thank you for your continued support and belief in what we can achieve together. We will not go silently into the night.