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Product Description

This is the Gold Standard in Testosterone Reduction. AndroEase is a drug free formulation using Standardized Herbal Extracts that can naturally influence hormonal function. The male-form body cannot begin to feminize until certain hormonal levels are adjusted, especially including reduction of testosterone levels and production.

To fully understand the concepts involved here, please go to http://www.myevanesce.com/hormonechanges.html

In the world of prescription-drug-based hormone modification programs leading to feminization of the male body, the drug most commonly recommended and used for lowering testosterone, is Spironolactone. However, this drug was developed specifically as a potassium-sparing diuretic, for use in treatment programs for people disgnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.  In other words, Spironolactone was developed to strip water from the human body, while leaving behind potassium.

According to its manufacturer, Spironolactone - in less than 8% of males - works to block testosterone receptors in the human body, but it does not actually block the production of testosterone.

Common sense says that if Spironolactone was effective as a breast growth product, or even as an androgen/testosterone blocker, hundreds of thousands of males who are not TG/TS would also experience breast growth and reduction in testosterone levels and effects while using Spironolactone as intended (to manage congestive heart failure). 

It is also important to note that long term high-dosage usage of Spironolactone can bring serous negative health consequences

For more information on the problems and dangers of using Spironolactone as part of a male feminization program, please click HERE.

AndroEase will reduce the actual production of testosterone.

Also important to note, is that there is a derivative of testosterone, called Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT). As testosterone production is decreased, the amount of testosterone converted into DHT will also reduce; i.e., DHT levels will reduce.  DHT is known to be responsible for male pattern baldness, and also for causing prostate problems in males.

Increasing numbers of male bodied people who are not TG/TS, are using AndroEase to lower their body's production of testosterone so that they can function without the frustration of relentless, nagging, aching male sexual arousal.

WARNING: You need to be aware that long term usage of AndroEase, can result in an inability to achieve and to maintain a functional erection (i.e., Impotance) and can even cause Sterilty (inability to father children). Sterilty is permanent, and irreversible. There is no "line in the sand" that a person could "get close to and not go over". These changes into impotency and/or sterility, will come about over time, and mostly unnoticed.

Hormone modification in the human body has profound and often permanent results.

That said, one special element of AndroEase and CalmCompanion, is that for those people who are seeking only to reduce their male sexuality, can easily and simply reduce their daily usage of these formulations to a maintenance level, when their goals are met. This is not possible with prescription drug hormone modification programs.

There are no feminizing ingredients in the AndroEase formulation. 
NOTE: - FDA disclaimer - The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration(FDA).These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a disease; but rather are dietary supplements intended for nutritional support.

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